Monday, September 23, 2013

Slices of Life, Vol 2 {Hudson edition}

To say that Hudson can push my buttons is probably the understatement of the millennium.  Some days I wonder how we will ever survive.  But even on those days, he can make me laugh like no other.  Here are just a few I've jotted down over the past several months :

* Until a few months ago, every time he'd come out of his room he'd exclaim, "It's me!" or "I'm alive!".

* Even though he's a "big boy" now, occasionally at bed time he'll crawl in my lap and say, "I wock {rock} you." 

* Upon asking him what he wanted for lunch one day, "I want bologna and cheese.  With no cheese.  With no bread."

* Our boo-boos don't heal around here, they "melt".

* Hudson has unfortunately picked up every tidbit of bad language Garrett has brought home from school, he's heard from friends, or strangers on the playground.  His potty talk gets him in trouble most days . . . usually more than once a day.  One day he was talking ugly and I asked where he had learned that {anticipating he'd give me a name and I could threaten that we wouldn't play with them any more} . . .

"Hudson!  Where did you learn that?!  Who taught you to say that??!"

yeah.  totally lost it and he knew he'd won.  dammit.

* crocodile = croc-da-didle

* Last Saturday evening, I was painting my toenails before church the next morning.  The boys were getting in the shower with Rich, and running around our room while he was shaving.  Hudson was quite intrigued and wanted me to paint his "pigs" too.  I didn't think Daddy would fully appreciate 10 pink pigs, but told him I would paint one toe and asked which one he wanted me to paint.  He chose his "foot-thumb". . . also known as his big toe. {which, of course, immediately reminded me of Garrett's footnapkin}

And, maybe my favorite :

* The boys have had runny noses the past week or so.  When H first started with his cold/allergies/whatever it is he told me he had "a cough and a God bless you."

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