Monday, June 11, 2012


One minute he can sound like a college freshman, and yet the next he can still sound like a little boy.  Here are a few of his "funnies" recently:

* "fedder" = feather

* He asked the other day "if you add jelly to the peanut butter, it turns to o-ba-jay?"

* If it's not nighttime, it's "lighttime".

* He was playing with his sword and told me he got it in "After-ca". {assuming he meant Africa . . . ??}

* You don't run into a wall {or your brother} . . . you "boom" the wall. Or your brother.

* If we're going somewhere, we "get on our dressed".

* He's big into repeating.  Or having us repeat him.  I hear "Mommy, say . . . " 96 times a day.

* If I say we're going to do something later or tomorrow, he'll ask if we're doing it after a "light nap" or a "dark nap"? 

Ha!  4 is so fun!!

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