Monday, June 18, 2012


Hudson, you are

What you're up to these days:

* You go to the doctor on Wednesday so I'll update your stats then.
* You're wearing mostly 24 month/2T clothes and size 7 shoes.

* You are so funny!  I literally laugh at you more times a day than I can count . . . which is almost as many times as I shake my head at your antics!
* You talk all the time and so much of what you say is clear enough that even people who aren't around you 24/7 can tell what you're saying.  Some of my favorites are:
     ~pee-ton {peanut/pretzel/any type of snack that you don't know what it's called}
     ~you add "it" to the end of everything {"bumpit" if you've bumped your head/arm/leg/etc, "bopenit" ~ open it, "upit" ~ if you want something that is up and you can't reach it};
     ~"open" can be use correctly {open the door} or for anything you don't know what it's called but you want {if there was an emu in our house and you wanted to touch it, you would want to ""}
     ~Instead of using an "f" sound, you use a "p". . . 'poot' = foot; 'pend'=friend; 'pie'=fry

* You also love to "ping". {swing}

* You can count to 13 {starting with #3 . . . weirdo.}.

* Anytime you see a bird, you say, "Shoo, shoo . . . bird! Go way!"

* You would be outside all day every day if I let you.  Many days as soon as you're up from nap you're looking for your shoes so you can go out.

* I think you may have loved t-ball season even more than Garrett did!  {that's all you want to do when you're outside}  You're actually quite good.  Left handed pitcher, I'm telling ya'!

* You love, love, love your brothers!!!

* You are an absolute mess.  You get into everything and can destroy an empty room in about 32 seconds.

*  You love animals!  Last weekend up in Pennsylvania, you were chasing Mimi's cat around and looking for the "meow meow".  Poor "meow meow" did  not want to see you nearly as much as you wanted to see him!

*  You have NO. FEAR. 

*  The past couple weeks your switch has flipped and you've realized you're 2. You've become quite strong-willed, opinionated {much to Garrett's dismay}, and the independence has multiplied. You love to be a "helper", and if I don't let you . . . or don't realize you want to be . . . a fit - complete with throwing yourself in the middle of the floor - will ensue.  The other night, for example, you didn't want to help me by carrying your milk into the dining room {you wanted to carry Garrett's . . . without a lid - ain't gonna happen, kid!} but as soon as I set it on the table, you started screaming "HELLLLLPPPPPPPER!!" and proceeded to carry it back into the kitchen, set it on the counter, and waited about 3 seconds before picking it up and carrying it back to the table.

I cannot believe that it was 2 whole years ago that we met you for the first time. Your spirit is as bright as your big, blue eyes and I hope that never changes. You definitely wear me out most days, but I just melt when you flash that smile at me.  And throw in a "hold you" or an "I a you, Mommy" {I love you} and I'm done for.  There is no doubt in my mind that you will do great things with your energy and love of life. I just hope you don't kill me in the process.  :)

Happy Birthday, Monkey!  We love you!!

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