Saturday, June 9, 2012

Phone Dump Friday {on a Saturday}

Man.  It's been a while . . .

                     Waaaaaaaaaay back in March . . . or early April . . . at some point B.E., we went to Frying Pan Park/Kidwell Farms with our mom's group.  This little dude decided to show off :

We also went to the Reston Zoo.  These boys love them some animals!

A common site at my house.  Lists.  And lists of lists.  And a color-coded calendar makes me happy even when I'm not going list crazy before giving birth.

H & Sayla swinging at t-ball practice, and the other crazy child showing off his mad sleeping skills.

I swear.  Checking on this child every night is an adventure.  This night he had not only put on his sneakers, but had also taken off his pull-up and put on a pair of shorts . . . inside-out, of course.

With no time to waste, 21 hours before I checked in to be induced, the boys' shirts were done!

Day 2 . . . showing the bruise that covered his poor little head after coming out "sunny-side up".

All dressed and ready to go HOME!!

R and I slipped away before Mom left town to celebrate E's one week birthday for a little sushi.  Y.U.M.!!!!

"Watching" his first t-ball game at 9 days old.

The boat is temporarly residing in our back yard while Rich replaces the flooring.  His helpers are awesome.

E tried out the Moby wrap . . . and slept like, well, a baby.

Enjoying some ice cream.

Silly mohawk bathtub boys.

Captain America is at our house almost daily, and a sweet Tennessee fan.

Wide awake {at 10:30pm} after a bath.

Celebrating Memorial Day . . .

 . . . in the pool.

Pretty sure he exceeds the weight limit.

But such a sweet big brother!!

Another awesome big brother!!

Cool Dude.

Sweet baby.

And, 2 reasons I know my bladder control is not what it once was . . .

He's started undressing himself at night.  Apparently even zip-up sleepers aren't Hudson-proof.  Luckily, though, the snap diaper was.  This time.

And, quite possibly, the best photo ever taken.  EVER.


Oh yeah, I'm TOTALLY saving this one for when he runs for president!!

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  1. Love this post! I have so many random pictures and I think I'll do a photo dump post. I'm stealing the one of our boys at Frying Pan. The pic of Garrett wit the breast pump bottles is HI-larious! You have some crazy characters :)