Monday, June 13, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf

My first post as a first-time blogger!!

And the perfect example of why I'm (FINALLY) doing this.  While I thoroughly enjoy a multitude of crafts, I CAN NOT make myself enjoy scrapbooking.  Time, however, seems to be speeding up and before I know it my boys will be grown and I'll be too old to remember these "good ole" days.  Even - and maybe especially - the trying ones. 

So, without further adieu, my scrapbook-able (totally a word.  Promise.) memory from this afternoon...

Garrett (3) has been having some issues recently with talking back.  We've been working on it, but most days it's a struggle.  This afternoon was one of those times.  He was talking back - about what, I can no longer remember (see??!  THAT is why I need a place to write this stuff down!!!) and I'd had enough.  I pointed to the front door and said "Go!".  (Side note: there is a large piece of rug in front of the door which has been his chosen 'time-out' spot.  I wasn't telling him to get out of the house or anything.  I'll wait until he's at least 13 to do that.  Kidding!!)  ANYWAY, he didn't want to go and just stood there and stared at me.  I started to get up off the floor (where I happened to be playing with Hudson) and he took off.  Smart boy. 

So, he heads into the foyer where he proceeds to stop walking, turn around, and - with his hands on his hips - squinches (yes, Blogger!  That IS a word!!) up his face and states, "NO!  I'm a Big Bad Wolf! I'll huff, and puff and I'm gonna' blow your house down!!" 

I could do nothing but stare.  And then?  Yes, he did.  He growled at me. 

Needless to say, the next 3 seconds as he walked/stomped/marched to his time-out rug were the only effective 3 seconds of that discipline.  As soon as he turned around, sat down, and saw me laughing across the living room he knew he was home free.

And he was.

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