Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Party, Take 1

We had Hudson's first first birthday party on Saturday night in Barren Springs at Tony & Connie's and had a wonderful time! 

Just as we were loading the cars at Mom's, the skies opened up and as we fielded calls from most of the party guests asking if the party was still on (seriously?  The Evanses cancel a party?  What??) we finally got loaded and were on our way. 

By the time we got over the mountain, the rain had almost stopped and the unloading process was much drier than the loading.

Rich got the grill started while we set up... 

...and posed for some pictures.

The big boys hit the creek....

...while Hudson practiced his flying technique...

...and then posed for a few pictures, himself.

After we ate, the big boys moved on to the sand pile, where absolutely no one would have even thought of throwing sand...

...before being forced to stop for a group picture.

 And then, it was time for the cake!

The wild man did not disappoint.

After the cake, an impromptu bath was in order... well as miscellaneous icing removal...

 ...and then it was creek time again.

"Queen Prince Garrett" joined in the fun - after falling in first!  (The crown came from a birthday party we went to earlier in the day.  He refused to take it off, and renamed himself Queen Prince Garrett.  Whatever, Little man.  You're cute.)  =)

Then, it was time to watch an ugly duck... Doritos.

Apparently you must be quiet to watch said ugly duck eat Doritos.

After a change of clothes, there was a bon fire... 

...some mischievous grinning...

...and a little tricycle riding.

We had a wonderful evening, and I am still in awe that my baby is already ONE!!!  How did that happen so fast?!

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  1. Aww that's such a cute cake. And it looks like he enjoyed it!