Tuesday, June 28, 2011


There are so many fun - and challenging - aspects of having a 3 year old.  He's super inquisitive, soaks every bit life up like the proverbial sponge, and sometimes I can't help but giggle with some of his "Garrett-isms".  And, because my brain is often mush and I know I won't remember these in a few years - or 20 - here is a list of my favorites.

Cob-a-dopter (helicopter)
va-lell-a (vanilla)
not very so much
zoomie-zoomie  (umi-zoomie...a show he likes)
Garrett take care of it  (usually referring to when he's trying to fuss at Hudson or one of the dogs.  I usually say, "Mommy will take/took care of it.  You don't need to worry about it."  He thinks otherwise.)
me do it  (self-explanatory!)
o-ba-skay (spaghetti)
o-ba-jay (peanut butter & jelly
bruh-lell-a  (umbrella)
"I fink it's not"/ "I fink so", etc.
nim-nims (M&Ms)
"I don't ma-member"  (remember)
lasterday (as in, YESterday)
to-later/to-now (use in a sentence?  Absolutely.  "No, Mommy.  I don't want to go to bed tonowToooolaaaater."

When he grows up and is a superhero, he'll ______________

He loves to stand on the bottom of the grocery cart with one arm over the basket and hang on like a trash man.

And we can't forget about "Kelly".  "Kelly" is his imaginary friend (she's been around since last fall or so and we think she derives from his babysitter from Baltimore's little girl).  She'll show up alot around here, I'm sure!!   Anyway, I definitely use her existence to my benefit..whenever he doesn't want to do something (ie brush his teeth, eat dinner, etc), all I have to do is say, "Okay, Kelly.  Let's go brush your teeth."  He'll come running, with a huge grimace.  "NO, KEL-LY!"  Then he'll look at me and say, "I'm mad at her."  hee hee hee
(And total sidenote...I'm watching Ellen while I'm finishing this blogpost, and just after I started this paragraph, she started one of her games and the first contestant's name?  Kelly!)  =)

And as cute as all 'Garrett-isms' are, my favorite has to be when he says, "Mommy?  I love you.  You're my bestest Mommy ever."  Ahhh....yes, dear.  You may have whatever your little heart desires.

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