Friday, June 24, 2011

My friend, Kara

Now that I've finally started a blog, I'm able to participate in different link-up parties on blogs I've followed (and enjoyed!) for a while.  I've visited Kelly's Korner - for a while.  She reminds me of a lot of the people I went to Carson-Newman with and, while we probably wouldn't have been close friends in real life since I can't quite see her having attended our "gatherings" on Martha Glass or drive thru's at The Monument, now that we're in the same season of life, I can definitely relate to most of her posts and enjoy reading her blog.

Anyway, Kelly does a "Show us your Life" linky-thing most weeks . . . and this week is "Show Us Your Singles".  And, immediately, my friend Kara came to mind.

(I've hijacked these photos from her facebook account . . . but I did ask for permission!) =)

(She's the one on the left)  =)

Kara is a 36 year old elementary teacher, lives in Atlanta, and knows what she wants in life.

She's caring, gives her all in everything she does, athletic, and her ONLY downfall is that she's a UNC fan.  ;)  But, even I can overlook that one flaw.

She's an amazing friend, a complete goof (in a good way!), and loves to laugh.

(And obviously a great person, if she doesn't kill me for this pic!) ha! =)

Kara loves her Jesus, has served as a missionary, and is waiting patiently for her Mr Right.  She has a great zest for life, and deserves only the best.

If you have someone you think might be interested in this great catch, leave me a message and I'll pass his info along! 


  1. No ideas for the perfect catch, but I totally recommend Kara!

  2. Hi There. My name is Chris. I enjoyed reading your blog about Kara. Here is my blog if she is interested.

  3. Cara sounds like a wonderful person that has a great deal in common with my friend Doug from Atlanta. He is number 215 on Kellys Blog. If she is interested, email me at