Sunday, July 31, 2011

13 months

Hudson!  You're 13 (and a half!) months old!!
(PLEASE stop growing up so fast!!!)

What you're up to these days:

* You weigh 21.6 pounds (25%) and are 31" tall (75%)

* You wear size 12-18 month clothes and a size 4 diaper.

* You are a busy, busy, busy little man!  From the time you wake up, you're on the go.  You climb everything in sight and I take you off the end table at least 3 times a day.  You have gotten pretty good at getting down off of things by yourself by turning over and sliding down on your tummy.

* You are still the best sleeper ever created.  You sleep 11-12 hours a night and take a 2-3 hour nap!  Mommy is so thankful for that!!!

* You are still the happiest little guy and it doesn't take much to get you laughing!

* You still only have 8 teeth, but at least 3 more are trying to come in!  (not fun!)

* You LOVE your big brother!!!  Every morning or after nap - if you're up first - you just squeal as you "run" into his room. 

* You definitely understand what we're saying - you wave "bye-bye", give hugs and kisses, give high-5s, show us you're "sooooo big!", and your favorite word is "Uh-oh".  Usually you just say "uh-oh", look at me, and then drop whatever is in your hands!  You also say "Ma-ma-ma", "Da-da-da-da",  "nah-nah-nah" (no-no), and "bye-bye" (with an AWESOME southern accent!) on a regular basis.  You sometimes use a "gah" sound when I think you're meaning Garrett, "Oma" almost sounds like Oma (she worked hard on that one when she was babysitting!) ; ), and you will sometimes say something that resembles "thank you" ... or at least using the same intonation we use for "thank you".

* You are still a Daddy's boy (but you love your Momma too!!) and light up when he comes home from work.

*  We laugh that you have a tape will eat and eat and eat.  Yet you still seem so little to us! (even though you were only 1 1/2 pounds lighter and 1" shorter than G was at 1!)

*  We love you "more than much" and can't imagine our lives without you!!


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