Monday, July 11, 2011

Lake Monticello 2011

This past weekend we went down to Charlottesville to my uncle and aunt's BEA-U-TI-FUL lake house!  Even though my husband's child (I don't claim him when he does this!) refuses to sleep when we're not at home (and I, of course, end up paying for it) we had a wonderful, relaxing time! 

I didn't take my camera out of the bag until Saturday evening, so unfortunately I missed getting sweet Erin in any of my pictures, but she was definitely there!!

Saturday morning I lost my vineyard virginity when the girls - and Hudson - went to King's Family Vineyard in Crozet for a picnic lunch.  It was gorgeous.  And, with the exception of when Hudson attempted to lacerate his esophagus when he found and tried to eat a piece of glass (good save, Oma!!), we had a lovely time.  It was gorgeous, and sitting on the shaded patio made even then warm temperatures very pleasant.  Again, no pictures, but I know Anne did get a couple.

Meanwhile, the boys went out on the boat, did a little swimming, and a lot of jumping off the dock.  We've called G a "water rat" for a while, but he definitely lived up to his name this weekend.  And added "daredevilwhomomreallyneedstoenrollinswimlessons" to the title.  The child is crazy. 
(LOVE Rich's face in this one!)

We took a 'Booze Cruise' Saturday evening around the lake...

And G drove us in some circles.

Then it was time to head back for dinner.  But not before a little more swimming...

...and splashing...
...and self-portrait taking...
...and, of course, jumping...
It's a's a's a flying Garrett!!

Thanks, Uncle Socko & Aune Anne for the wonderful weekend and, as always, superb hospitality.

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  1. Fun, fun weekend! And BTW - I LOVE this self-portrait. :)