Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dutch Wonderland

Because I've been a blogging slacker, these will totally be out of order.  I'll eventually go back and put this post with the Wiggles one, but for now, we'll take what we can get! previously mentioned, after The Wiggles concert in Hershey, PA we drove about 30 minutes to Lancaster, PA where we spent the night before spending Friday at the Dutch Wonderland "Music-ment" Park.  I totally should have taken a picture because my child - who is notorious for not sleeping when we're not at home - slept all. night. long.  In a hotel room.  And in a bed by himself (after he kicked me out!).  Missed opportunity for that notorious Kodak moment.  {I would say I'd document it next time.  But that might be jinxing myself!}

So, without further adieu, here are a *few* of the pictures I took at Dutch Wonderland.  It was hot (like, REALLY hot) but perfect for little people like ours!  We'd definitely go back!

Carousels are fun!!

Heading up the silo slide stairs {say THAT 3 times fast!} all by himself!

Heading from the silo slide to the big slide!
Sliding with Mommy

Driving the monster truck (of course they had the blue one!!!)

Riding the monorail

Hudson would much rather be a big boy than sit with Mommy.

My guys.  <3

Taking Daddy for a spin.

I was informed later that it was fate...they got the "redskins car".  Geesh.

Not quite sure that Daddy will be this happy in 13 more years.

Driving the bulldozer.

Little brother didn't think G was doing an adequate job.

Sweet co-pilot.

I think he had a good time.  ;)

It was getting pretty hot, and the boys were getting a little fussy, so we decided to take a break and go for a boat ride around the little creek/moat.  Hudson made some new friends while we waited in line.

He's not allowed to date for 29 more years.  Back off, ladies!!

Garrett just hung out while we waited.

And then we had a little impromptu game of catch.  Daddy lost.

And after our little boat ride, Hudson had finally had enough, threw a total fit, and finally gave in and fell asleep.  While we waited for the big boys to ride the log flume, he stopped sucking on his fingers and when they slipped out of his mouth, I couldn't help but notice the teeth marks in them.  He loves those fingers!!

Then we moved on over to the little train things.  G did the circle twice - after the got the hang of it, he was able to pedal himself (with his arms!) the whole way!

Not sure what this face it about!

Enjoying the airplanes.

A final shot of the boys as we ended our trip with a train ride around the park.  We all had a great time and it was the perfect little family vacation!

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