Sunday, July 17, 2011


Garrett has always loved all things music - beginning very early on with the Baby Einstein videos.  Seriously.  At 3 months old, I could buy 26 minutes by sticking him in front of the television in his swing or bouncy seat, and putting in the Baby Mozart DVD.  Oh yes I did.  And those 26 minutes were glorious.
As he grew, although - to this day! - he will still watch a Baby Einstein video, his tastes have obviously changed.  Soon after he could express his desires, his love for The Wiggles was expressed.  In a BIG way.  I have video of him from early on dancing along with the wiggles, singing their songs even when the television isn't on, and even playing "Wake Up Jeff!" when I was in labor with Hudson.  ha!  (I had actually forgotten about that until I was just typing this paragraph...I'd started having contractions about 2:30pm and by 7:00pm they were getting quite uncomfortable.  We were sitting at the dining room table...killing time until we could head to the hospital and not be sent back home...and at this point even sitting during a contraction was not going to happen.  Every time I'd have one, I'd stand up and lean over onto the table...resting my head on the table until it was over.  And every time I'd do this, my sweet little boy would say, "On the count of 3, I say 'Wake up Mommy' and Mommy waked up.  1....2.....3.....WAKE UP, MOMMY!"  It was cute, even then, but of course there was no laughing on my part at that moment.)

Okay, the walk down memory lane is over...back to The Wiggles.  Sorry for the detour.  Welcome to my brain.  ;)

So....we found out a few months ago that the Wiggles were going to be in Hershey, PA on their USA tour this summer, and knew we had to jump on it!  So, this past Thursday, we loaded up the suburban and headed north.  Even though I had told him we were going to see the Wiggles on a stage and they were real people just like us, with no frame of reference, he was clueless. 

The seats were pretty fun, though...

And then, the magic happened....

Although the stage was quite small (probably my only complaint), they brought their "Big Red Car"...
...which was terribly cool.

We were in the first row of the "loge"...also known as the first balcony.  The tickets were 1/2 of the price of the floor seats + extra leg/wiggle room + an unobstructed view = SCORE ONE FOR MOMMY!! 

I knew from seeing some of the videos that they often came into the crowd, but was quite pleased that "Murray" and the random ring master guy both made appearances up on our level.  Yay!
Although Hudson won't sit still long enough to ever watch a video, he did really well and spent much of the show actually watching! (and pointing!)

They sang a little "Fruit Salad"...
...and even dressed the parts!

We even had a little time for self-portrait taking:

After the show, and passing by the extremely expensive souvenirs tables (with a Daddy who just can't say no! =/ ) we headed out to the car.  Much to our surprise, the Wiggles were heading out to their buses and had stopped to sign autographs.  G was completely intimidated and wouldn't stand near them to get his picture taken, but we snapped a couple anyway...
  Unfortunately, the 4th Wiggle, Jeff, was not on the tour.  Apparently he had to have a pacemaker a few weeks ago and therefore wasn't able to travel from Australia.  This, their 20th "Birthday" was the first time he had missed a tour.  Boo.  We love Jeff.  (There was a stand-in, Brad, who filled Jeff's purple shirt just fine though!)

We continued our mini-vacation by spending the night in Lancaster, PA (where, MY child actually a HOTEL...from 10:15pm - 7am!!!!  And he didn't even want me to sleep with him!!!) and then spent Friday at Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park.  But, that will have to wait until tomorrow!

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