Sunday, March 18, 2012

21 months

So . . . I'm not doing too well with the monthly updates on the crazy man.  I'll blame it on him to let go of some of the guilt.  He keeps me busy. 

Hudson, you are
21  months old!!!

What you're up to these days:

* You haven't been to the doctor for a check-up recently, so I don't know your exact height and weight, but you're certainly in the upper 20 pound range and about 32".

* You're wearing 18 month pants and 24 month/2T shirts and size 7 shoes.

* You still have no fear and are quite independent.  You don't really care if we're around or not . . . you'll wander around a room full of people and not panic at all if you can no longer see us.

* You LOVE your Garrett!  As soon as you wake up you want to see him and you usually run and give him a big hug!  Melts my heart every time. 

* You also love Miles, and much to her dismay, Mallory.

* You're really talking up a storm these days.  Some of your most common words are: "bo-pen" {open}; "bup" {up}; next to "Gah-et" {Garrett}, NO! is still your favorite word!; "My-al" {Miles}; "Maaa-ee" {Mallory}; "gin" {again}; "kiiiin-ky" {stinky! ha!}; ball; bubbles; "otty" {potty . . . anytime G goes}; "bapple"  {apple}; "nana" {banana}; "een" {McQueen . . . from Cars}; "main-er" {Mater . . . from Cars, of course!}; and Daddy.

* You love to be outside!

* You are 100% boy and come back inside positively filthy.  And, unlike your brother, you don't care a bit!


* You are quite the helper.  If we're picking up toys you'll help put them back in the baskets.  Just this morning you carried your empty bowl into the kitchen.  Completely unprompted.  As I put as my Facebook status: "TO MY FUTURE DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW: YOU'RE WELCOME!" ha!

* I love when you help with laundry. If left unsupervised, I'd be washing all loads twice.  Anything laying on the floor goes into the dryer, as well as the clean clothes from the washer. 

* I {HONESTLY!} do love when you come to help me with diaper laundry.  I {apparently} smell each diaper as I transfer it to the dryer, and if you're in there with me, you'll pull each piece out, put it up to your face, and then hand it to me.  So precious!

* You make us laugh {and shake our head!} daily.  You're so funny and I can only imagine you as the class clown in a few years.  Your Daddy likes to remind me that I'll probably be getting lots of calls from the principal's office.  Oy.

* You're a very determined little boy.  You know what you want and when you want it.  And if you don't get it then and there, you let your displeasure be known.

Hudson, you are an amazing little man, so full of life.  My prayer continues to be to allow me to help you grow into the amazing man you are destined to become.  Without losing my mind first.  And without squelching your undeniable zest for life.

I can't believe you're a mere 3 months from being 2 years old and I can't believe I was the one chosen to watch you grow; to hear that contagious giggle, and see the sparkle in your eyes.  The sparkle that stands out when you're getting into mischief.  I love you more than words.  Happy 21 months, Buddy!

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