Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Play Ball!

We signed G up for his first organized sport this spring . . . t-ball.  His first practice was last night and he loved it!  He did so well, too!  Not that we had any doubts physically, but he doesn't always jump right into new situations so gracefully.  Tonight, though, he ran onto the field and never looked back!

Even after laughing with Mom that I'd be the dorky parent with the camera out at the first practice, I walked off and forgot it.  Thanks to the trusty cell phone, at least I have some documentation of the organized chaos which ensued.  They really did quite well, but with 10 4 & 5 year olds, chaos was inevitable.

They practiced catching ground balls in their gloves . . .

. . . and throwing the ball to home plate.

What the "line" looked like 3 seconds later.

Not sure what G's doing to his buddy, Kaden, in this one, but that grin can only mean mischief!
H gave Daddy some hugs {and a run for his money, which is why he was being restrained - against his will - 6+ feet in the air}.

They practiced swinging, tossing the bat, and . . .

. . . running to first.

And they ended practice with everyone running the bases. 

 Needless to say, G was asleep in about 4 minutes last night.  I wonder if we can practice every day??

Oh, and a funny story.  Out of the 10 kids on our team {we're the Lookouts, by the way} there are 2 Garretts!  Well, last night I was talking to the mom of the other Garrett who also had a toddler, and we were both laughing about how we chose the name Garrett in part because it wasn't overly common.  And yet, 20% of our little team is Garrett.  Odd enough.  Well, while we were talking, I asked how old her toddler {a boy} was and she said 21 months.  The following is a recap of the conversation:
{ME} "Oh, so is ours!  So he's a June baby?"

"Yes, June 18."

{Me} "NO WAY!!"

So, yeah.  Not only do we both have a Garrett, we both have a little boy born on June 18, 2010.  Now, had Parker's name been Hudson, that would've been too much!

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