Thursday, March 8, 2012

Phone Dump Friday

We've had a rather uneventful couple weeks, hence the lack of blog posts.  But, as always, my phone is usually near the action.  Even the uneventful action.

We've done some kitchen flying {and Daddy's decided he needs to start lifting weights to be able to lift G like this for much longer!}

 We've done some swingin'.

We opened a Christmas gift from our friends and were astronauts for several days.  Until the cardboard couldn't withstand the force of a re-entry.

 We got some mail from Oma.  He told me he could read it . . . and he did just that.  One letter at a time.

 Modeling our mail from Oma. {Thank you, Oma!!}

 H insisted on bringing in some toys which were stashed {or so I thought} in the garage.  G enjoyed them, too.

We were in PA again last weekend and watched a little Polar Express.

Saturday night we went and spent the night at a hotel.  A hotel with a really cool pool.  I think they enjoyed themselves. {videos to come . . . if I can ever get them to upload!}

My newest endeavor . . . sewing cloth diapers.  I'm still in the testing phase {H has the cutest rear in the northern hemisphere!} but would love to start selling them soon.

Bath time love.

 We've had several gorgeous days this week and even picnicked while we babysat played with some friends for a couple hours.

And to end it, my sweet crazy-haired boy saying "eez!" 
{who was mistaken as a girl from the rear last weekend.  I'm afraid a post documenting his first hair cut is around the corner. sniff.}

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the cardboard spaceship! Very cool!

  2. looks like your are making really fun memories with your boys!