Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2 Little Fishies

The boys have always loved the water, and last summer Garrett proved he was quite the fearless fan.  Not surprisingly, his brother has joined the ranks.

Last weekend we were up in Pennsylvania visiting and decided to go spend the night in a hotel.  A hotel with a really cool pool.  We'd stayed there several years ago on a skiing trip and it was great.  But it's greatness took on a whole new meaning in the eyes of our guys.

Here are a few videos I took with my phone.  And I will apologize in advance for the impending crick in your neck.  YouTube and I are obviously not friends.  It's taken me 3 days to get these off my phone and onto YouTube . . . and where I can find them again.  Which, apparently, is why non-techy people {who are married to non-techy, 40 year old people - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE!} should not try to do techy things. 

EDITED: YouTube apparently decided it should {rightfully} be scared of me and my displeasure with him her it and decided to load the videos correctly.  A Lenten miracle for certain.  Yay!


  1. Um...hate to tell you this...but there are no videos here. You're even less tech-savvy than you think you are. :(

  2. That is very sad, however, YouTube has decided it likes me, and apparently has not only decided to load the videos correctly, it has also {finally!} flipped them. :-)