Friday, March 23, 2012

Phone Dump Friday

It's that time again! And a good phone was getting full!!

We have had a lot of daffodils in our yard!

But there are 2 BIG boys in my house who like to bring them to Mommy!  {Seriously.  He looks 4.}

How I found him one day after nap.  Shirtless.  The stick didn't come into play until G went in with me to wake him up . . . and brought him a stick. Of course.

77 cents and 2 pirates = what I found in G's bed one day at nap time.

Sweet Duke fans! {Thanks again, Auntie Kara!}

 We've {obviously} really been into wearing hats recently.

So much love!!

And, to wrap it up, a few {perfect} examples of how this 2nd child just might do me in. And I'm not exaggerating.

We were outside playing and getting ready to eat dinner.  H was playing in the yard and Rich and I both repeatedly called him.  He'd always "answer" us . . . and us being the parents of the year that we are, didn't realize he was saying "stuck" {uck!} and/or "help".  Whoops. {but seriously, kid.  Keep your feet on the ground!}

I went in to get him the other morning.  As I turned off his sound machine and opened his curtain, he said "poop" several times.  After I could see him - face in the mattress and bottom in the air - I could see the problem wasn't poop {and yes, I double checked before I left the room to get the phone/camera}.  By the time I came back he was standing up.  And this is the face I got when I asked him what he'd done.  Oy.

And then on Thursday, we went to the park.  A very cool park with a ton of space to play, things to climb on, and mulch to throw.  Apparently the following was much more fun . . .

I've said it before, but it bears repeating . . . prayers are appreciated.


  1. I love when the daffodils bloom! My second child has quite the personality too! But she keeps me laughing!

  2. Kara really loves you to buy those shirts! Ick! :)